Jarvis who’s father is Ftch Timsgarry Simpson competed in his first field trial this season and finished it. he is a fully fledged shooting dog who’s character is very honest and steady. He is a nice hunting dog and keen to retrieve be it dummy’s or game. Jarvis is a proven sire with promising offspring coming through.


Rab is bred of Timsgarry Barlow a former cocker championship winner he is a small stocky dog with a big desire to please. Rab has just completed his first shooting season and Steven has high hopes for him in the future in competition and the shooting field. Rab was a very easy dog to train and was shot over at 12 months of age.

Hawkhills thunderstruck. (Monty)

Monty is the new boy in the pack he is bred from Goodspeed Storm warning who’s father is Ftch Argyll Warrior.  Monty is a exciting prospect so Steven aims to use him as his competition dog only . His speed and desire to hunt cover is exciting so we hope for a good trialling season this year with him.


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